Should You Replace your Windows?

Here's a surprising statistic. Less than 30% of window replacements are the

result of the old windows being worn, broken or otherwise in need of


Clearly, there are other good reasons to consider new windows!

One of the most popular motivations is cosmetic. Brand new windows have a

huge impact on the overall look of a home, both on the inside and the outside.

New windows can improve curb appeal — an important element when you

sell a home. From the inside, new windows can dramatically improve the look

of a room.

Another reason to replace windows is to address energy costs. Modern

windows are packed with technologies that lower heating/cooling bills. From

low-e/argon to special spacer bars to high-insulating construction, these

technologies can provide savings you'll notice, especially if you're replacing

very old windows.

A third reason is window style and characteristics. Simply put, you may not

like your current windows! You may want more glass and less frame to

enhance your view. Maybe your windows pull up (vertical sliders) when you'd

rather have them open like a door (casements). Perhaps you'd like fancy

blinds in-between the panes of glass. Replacing windows lets you get exactly

the look and features you want.

Will new windows boost the resale value of your home? They might, at least a

little. But there's one thing for certain: upgraded windows definitely make your

home look more appealing to buyers.

Jill Ritchie