How a Professional Chef Would Remodel Your Kitchen

Watch any TV cooking show, and you’ll notice that a chef’s kitchen looks

quite a bit different than what you’d find in most homes. But, that doesn’t

mean you can’t have one just like it in your home! With a little remodeling,

and splurging on some new items, you too can have a kitchen worthy of

Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, or Rachel Ray.

Chefs love counter space. So, when remodeling, plan to create as much as

possible. If you have an existing island, for example, you can replace the

countertop with a larger one. Just adding eight inches in both directions will

make a big difference.

Most chefs have more than one oven. If that’s impractical for you, consider

buying a double-oven stove. Also, chefs prefer gas burners for quicker heatup

times and exacting control of cooking temperature.

One thing you’ll notice about chefs is they love stainless steel.

That’s because it’s easy-to-clean, hygienic and durable (assuming you take

care of it).

Finally, because chefs spend so much time in the kitchen, they want the

space to be attractive and comfortable. So, when remodeling, keep decor

in mind.

Even if you’re just an amateur chef, creating a chef-worthy kitchen will make

Jill Ritchie