Truly Inspired

Jill Ritchie had envisioned this moment. Month after month, she trained ritually and vigorously, just for this day. She studied the terrain and knew the course well. So as she approached the crest of the legendary Heartbreak Hill, the famous landmark of the Boston Marathon, she knew she only had five more miles to the finish line. But her legs were aching, her energy was nearly drained, and she felt as if she couldn’t take one more stride.

Then it happened. Jill saw her entire family clapping for her at the top of the hill, holding a huge banner signed by her friends. She was instantly invigorated and filled with joy. Miraculously, she picked up her pace and every step became a triumph. As she neared her family, she could see their eyes overflowing with tears, knowing she was about to fulfill a lifelong dream. Her husband ran up next to her and asked how she was feeling. With her own eyes brimming, she rejoiced, “Not great—but I’m going to finish!” And she finished strong for a first-timer, in an impressive 3:40.

In it for the Long Run

Jill may tell you she completed that marathon because of the support she received from her loved ones. They motivate her to be her best in everything she does and inspire her to reach for her dreams. But through the years, Jill’s competitive drive and enthusiastic spirit have shined in every one of her accomplishments. She excelled for 13 years as a fitness instructor and coach, teaching her students how to reach their full potential with her own energetic brand of encouragement and guidance. When raising her two sons, she never missed one of their school or sporting events. She was there for them every step of the way, guiding them in the right direction.

Setting the Pace for Success

From motherhood to running in the Boston Marathon, Jill’s innate motivation and pure dedication have enabled her to fulfill her ambitions. It’s no different in her career as a real estate professional specializing in Halifax and surrounding neighbourhoods. She loves her work and for nearly two decades she has relished the opportunity to help the community in which she’s lived for many years. Jill’s commitment to her clients is strong, and from the moment they meet her they can tell she’s working solely on their behalf.

With Jill setting the pace on your home sale or purchase, you know you’ll reach the finish line successfully. She’s so inspired to help you achieve the results you deserve that she turns your goals into her own and they become her top priority. She strives to educate and inform you during every phase of the process, so you feel comfortable about every detail regarding your important investment decisions. Along with her assistant and sister, Mary Gwen Stackhouse, you can rest assured every aspect of your move will be handled with care.

Motivated Every Step of the Way

When you work with Jill, you’ll appreciate her energetic approach and genuine concern for your needs. She’ll be there for you from start to finish, Motivated Every Step of the Way. Give Jill a call today.